Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy

Sports Massage is a natural therapy that employs a number of techniques to massage and manipulate the body's soft tissue, helping with many musculoskeletal problems. It is generally applied at a deep level to manipulate muscle tissue more effectively. This can induce a general relaxation although, at the time, some techniques (not all) may border on the uncomfortable. However, in certain situations such as pre and post event treatments the massage will typically be much lighter to either stimulate, relax or aid recovery.

Massage generally improves the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids around the body, pushing it through to areas of weaker pressure and congestion. Our body cells require a constant supply of blood with fresh oxygen and nutrients for their healthy growth and repair. At the same time they also need to eliminate waste by-products that are created with energy production, the breakdown of tissue after damage or from inflammation.

Massage can also affect the nervous system by stimulating receptors that control tension, thereby relaxing the tissues and helping to reduce pain. At a subconscious level, this not only alleviates muscular discomfort, but can also ease conditions such as migraine, insomnia, blood pressure and digestive disorders.

As nobody is perfectly symmetrical and we use our bodies in different ways, we each build up our own muscular and postural imbalances, and clearly this can be particularly excessive for people with disabilities. For some of us, these imbalances will manifest themselves in a negative way which put strain on the body and can lead to injury. This type of therapy employs techniques that can not only relax, but stretch and strengthen the soft tissues of the body to relieve pressure, re-balance and improve function throughout the musculoskeletal system.

Before the treatment some brief medical details will be taken to check that you have no contraindications (i.e. conditions where treatment must not be applied), and to understand your needs more specifically. As the massage treatment is predominantly applied directly onto the skin using lotions & oils, requiring you to remove some clothing (but not underwear), you may feel more comfortable bringing some shorts along to the session.

What are the benefits of Sports Massage Therapy?
- Improves circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids, which in turn improves body functions and helps to remove waste from muscles and internal organs
- Helps prevent injury
- Speeds up the body's recovery from injury
- Assists in enhancing performance
- Can help to correct postural imbalances
- Generally relieves stress, aches and pains through relaxation

Who can benefit from Sports Massage?
- This therapy involves a range of techniques in order to relieve tensions, increase blood and lymph circulation, break down scar tissue, rebalance strong and weak muscles and enhance recovery. As such, whilst it is highly beneficial as part of an ongoing performance enhancement programme for both able bodied and disabled sports persons, it can in fact help anyone in need of remedial soft tissue treatment. It often forms part of a rehabilitation programme following general injury or surgery, and can equally help in deep relaxation of tight muscles through stress or posture related imbalances.

Seated Acupressure Massage

Seated Acupressure Massage is a general relaxation and revitalizing maintenance session rather than remedial therapy for a specific musculoskeletal problem. It is a highly effective form of massage based on adaptations from traditional Japanese techniques.

The routine, or 'Kata', follows a rhythmically flowing sequence over the upper body and involves a pressure application to the same points that are used in acupuncture. It is a non-invasive, needle-free pressure which should always feel comfortable, although quite firm and precise. Conveniently, the whole session will last for just 25 minutes, but should leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Prior to treatment, a brief screening will take place to cover contra-indications and client awareness. As the name suggests, the client is seated on an ergonomically adapted chair, or in the case of some disabled clients either in their own wheelchair or a more suitable seat with an adapted desktop support for their upper body, neck and head. As this type of massage is performed through the clothes, the client may remain fully clothed throughout. No oils or lotions are required.

What are the benefits of Seated Acupressure Massage?
- Enables you to feel good, fast
- Induces a feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation
- Reduces stress, muscle tension & headaches
- Improves circulation & improves the immune system

Who can benefit from Seated Acupressure Massage?
Whilst most of us* could benefit from stress relief, this type of massage is ideal within the corporate environment or at an event where time is limited and dress formalities are restrictive. It also works well for wheelchair users who may find relief from the upper body work in a well supported position.
It can be done on-site at the venue with equipment being brought to you (a block booking of at least 2 hours will be necessary if travel to a venue is requested)

*Please note that pregnancy is a contra-indication for Seated Acupressure Massage
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March, 2015
Marathon and half marathon training schedules are well under way now - Roxanne is going to be running (or some may say 'shuffling') around Silverstone Half Marathon later this month. Remember if you've upped your training recently it'll serve you well to plan in an occasional Sports Massage to your routine to avoid injuries.

"Thanks Roxanne. You cured a chronic muscle spasm in my arm and as a wheelchair user this is inspirational. Very dedicated, you also helped me with my neck."
Alan Kenny

"The massage was fantastic. I feel like I've got a new back now."

"The regular sports therapy during my training helped me to stay fit and I beat my previous marathon time by 23 minutes. Thanks Roxanne."
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